Reading Proverbs

About a year ago I read Craig Groeschel’s book Weird. And while the book is about about more than just the book of Proverbs, much of what Groeschel writes about is inspired by Proverbs, and he quotes it quite often. Near the end of Weird (p. 221), Groeschel says that he asked God to give him the same thing Solomon asked for – wisdom. He was led to read Proverbs, and ended up reading one chapter per day for the next 12 months. Proverbs has 31 chapters, so this works out pretty well to read through the book once per month.

When I read this in Groeschel’s book, I thought that it sounded like a pretty good idea, and challenged myself to do the same. (I’m sure Groeschel is not the first to do this, but he’s who inspired me to do it). I recently finished 12 months of Proverbs, reading one chapter/day (staying on schedule for the most part…), and I have to say that it was great experience.

Proverbs has some very interesting insight and some deep and applicable wisdom, but also some downright strange stuff in there! Of course, Solomon, noted as being a very wise individual, wrote much of the book, so one would expect great wisdom to flow from the pages. Maybe some of the other strange things can be attributed to the time or place in which the book was written…I don’t know.

Proverbs speaks of wisdom’s place in helping one keep fidelity in relationships, in making wise decisions regarding family and business. Put your trust in the Lord and use God’s definition of wisdom rather than your own. Be humble and generous and patient. Be honest and hard-working. And many more. The book is FULL of great wisdom and guidance and things to make you think…things we can all apply to better ourselves and those we encounter.

Many times we pull a single verse from here or there in Proverbs, but there is also great value in reading it in its entirety. I would challenge you to consider reading Proverbs a chapter per day for some time…maybe for 3 or 6 or even 12 months. Repetition is not a bad thing! See what you get out of it. I found something new each time I cycled back through. My hope is that we, as people of God, can apply some of the deep and longstanding wisdom to our own lives and to the lives of the people we touch each day.

Peace of Christ to you.


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One response to “Reading Proverbs

  • Brook (Matt5verse6)

    Hello ol’ friend. I know your blog is currently idle but I am having “comment day”/ blog hop over at my blog and wanted to drop by to say, “Hello”. I have to admit, I miss reading your thoughts, here…and I don’t mean that in a creepy, stalker kind of way. 🙂 I wish you and your beautiful family all the best in the new year and always. May God bless you abundantly! Best wishes.

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